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How to Deal With A Greedy Dog

Find someone who looks at you like Bonzo looks at that treat, they say. But seriously. Most dogs love food, but there are some who take it to extremes. If you have a snack beast who just can't get enough food, then read on for tips to manage this problem.

It's a Natural Thing

It’s a natural instinct for dogs to scavenge for food, and they will eat just about anything that they find. The more successful they are at finding something to eat, the more they will scavenge, which means that they will become very adept at stealing anything edible that you might leave somewhere, that is within their reach! Think about it. Long before dogs became our best buds, they were out there chasing down wildlife, and somewhere deep inside your pampered pup, that wild hunter still exists!

Your dog doesn't need to eat as much as he can while he can anymore, but his brain might not have got the memo!

But It's Still a Problem

The problem with having a dog that is constantly stealing food, is that any food that is left on a plate will simply disappear, be it some cookies that you’ve put out for your guests, or the Sunday roast that you’ve spent the best part of the morning preparing. Also, little children are not safe when these thieving little critters are around, because they will steal anything edible that a toddler or small child is holding in their hand.

Meal Time Training

So, how do you teach your dog that the food that you put on your table is for you and your family or guests, and not a feast that you’ve laid on just for him?

Your dog has to learn that any food it will have, will come from you and nowhere else. Make your dog sit before feeding him, and only give him his food in his own bowl, never from one of your plates or bowls, and never from the table. As soon as your dog realizes that he is only allowed to eat the food that you give to him in his own bowl, then he will stop taking your food when you are not looking.

It's also a good idea to get your dog used to the idea that you and your guests eat before he does, so while everyone is enjoying a meal, he's not hanging around, waiting for the right moment to strike! If your dog gets into the habit of eating his dinner after you have yours, he'll be less worried about missing out. Dogs are very much creatures of habit, so be consistent, and you'll see results!

Instincts might still kick in on the odd occasion though, so just to be safe, it’s best to keep your food out of reach.

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